Noticias / Nueva Sesión de “Scriptural Reasoning” (inglés) | Viernes 26.05.2023, en Arco Forum

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Este viernes a las 19:30 se celebrará una nueva sesión de Scriptural Reasoning en la sede de Arco Forum. Durante el evento recibiremos a un grupo de la University of Arkansas at Little Rock y es por ello que esta sesión se llevará a cabo por primera vez en inglés. Más abajo podréis encontrar la convocatoria en dicho idioma. 🇬🇧

This Friday, May 26 at 19:30 hrs, Arco Forum will organise the 25th session of the Scriptural Reasoning Meetings. This session will take place in the frame of the visit from a group of students from the University of Arkansas at Little Rock.

Scriptural Reasoning is a novel concept developed by the Cambridge Interfaith Programme at the University of Cambridge that helps address different current issues and their connections with the sacred Scriptures.✡️✝️☪️

📌About the Scriptural Reasoning activity. Presentation: This concept was brought to Spain by Arco Forum and implemented in the frame of the Youth Creative CommUnity campaign of the European project CommUnity Project.

📌Texts. The texts that will be studied during the session will be sent to the participants via email before the session.

📌Limited capacity. To participate it is essential to fill out this form 👉 and receive a confirmation email.

📌Guidelines: It is important that all the participants read the document “Guidelines for all participants” before the event. Access the document here:

As part of the activity we will also present the European project ‘PROTONE | Protecting places of worship’ to the attendees. After the session the participants will enjoy a light dinner!

#PROTONE_EU #PlacesOfWorship #ScripturalReasoning

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