Gareth Young

Gareth Young is an author, radio show host, blogger, and speaker. He is also a successful businessman and an Account Executive at Alpharesults, LLC. He has served as president of the Faith Alliance of Metro Atlanta. He got M.A. in Mathematics from University of Oxford. Young has written a number of books, including two novels.

“Hizmet works very, very well with the local community. It involves everybody who’s of compatible mind. The interfaith activities that Hizmet puts on in town, cross-cultural, cross-faith, they’re open platforms, they’re conversations, getting to know people. They are, environments are created where people of cultural, racial, and religious difference come together, sit in a room together, share tables, share a meal together, and hear a conversation and participate in a conversation at the tables, around difference, and get to know each other across difference.”

“So for so long as organizations like Hizmet are in the world, creating environments for these conversations, facilitating and enabling cross-cultural, cross-faith conversations, I’m very optimistic that we’ll live in that second world where the problems will kind of bubble up and bubble down again, rather than be allowed to become major issues.”

“One of the main areas of emphasis of Hizmet, as it’s presented and as I’ve experienced it, is education. And the principle that I understand that being founded on is once we get to know things, once we get to know each other, once we get to know facts, the opportunities for misunderstanding and the opportunities for division and animosity are diminished.”