Charlotte Connah

Charlotte Connah is the chair of the Baptist-Muslim Interfaith Taskforce for the Cooperative Baptists Fellowship of Georgia. She received her Master`s degree in Educational Administration & Supervision from Georgia State University. She designed and fundraised for The Interfaith Prayer Garden at Mercer University. She is a student in the McAfee Schools of Theology at Mercer University.

“I’m also very impressed with Mr. Gülen’s position on the melding of both science and religion, whatever your religion or faith practices may be, that beyond the emotion that goes with religion, he has so balanced that with the rationalism that comes through science. So it is a balanced approach.”

“One of the things that so impresses me and so speaks to my own personal beliefs is the fact that Mr. Gülen has, he not only began this movement in an honorable way, this movement has continued in an honorable, unselfish way. It does not bow to any political party. It does not bow to, and by that I mean accept money from, self-serving interests of others. It is very equitable in its application, in both how it serves, and for those who are able to be part of it. It is a great respecter of persons. It is a great respecter of a civil society that reflects honor and values and education, responsibility, and service.”

“They fight injustice by treating people justly. The fact that they’ve so reached out to help these people in dire need, regardless of what that need is, just more and more impresses me, that the Hizmet Movement and Mr. Gülen himself is a movement of great honor. It is one for all of us to respect, and it is one for all of us to emulate, by being a part of it.”