Elwood McDowell

Rev. Elwood McDowell is a pastor at Trinity Missionary Baptist Church, Tucson, Arizona. He has M.A. in Clinical Psychology, Fielding Graduate Institute. He was Consultant Core Trainer at the National Drug Education Center at the University of Oklahoma. He was the Pastor of the Fellowship Missionary Baptist Church in Albuquerque, New Mexico. He was also therapist at Cottonwood de Tucson treatment center for ten years.

“My overall opinion is that the Hizmet Movement has just been a tremendous force for good, and for influencing the spiritual and material well-being, and educational well-being, of just hundreds of thousands of people all over the world…I feel that the approach to educating the whole person is really what education ought to be about, and I highly admire, not only the educational influence, but every influence that this movement has had in terms of looking out for peoples’ well-being.”

“I personally find, in having watched some videos of Mr. Gülen, as well has read some of his books, that he is a person of great integrity and spiritual depth. He truly, truly believes in experiencing God in the heart, through Islam, in a way that I think is tremendous, and I feel that if all of us can understand God as living first in the heart, we have so much of a greater chance of truly, truly caring about every human being that we meet.”

“The Hizmet Movement does not attempt to convert everybody to Islam. It shows respect for other peoples’ beliefs, and I find that very, very helpful.”

“I’m very, very impressed with the charitable activities of the Hizmet Movement. It tries to help people, irrespective of their backgrounds, ethnic and otherwise, and I think that that is the only way a true child of God can operate. It’s kind of like Mother Teresa helping people who are Hindu in India. She loved people as children of God, irrespective of the fact that they might not have been Christian.”