Cornelius Omonokhua

Rev. Cornelius Omonokhua is the Director of Mission and Dialogue, Catholic Secretariat of Nigeria. He is advisor to the Commission for Religious Relations with Muslims, Vatican City, since 2012. He is Episcopal Secretary to Committees of Dialogue and Ecumenism, Catholic Bishops Conference of Nigeria. He has Ph.D. in African Christian Theology Ambrose Alli University and Ph.D. in Peace Building from Ambrose University.

“The Gülen Movement promotes peace. It promotes peace. If not that the Gülen Movement promotes peace, now the tension between Gülen and the Turkish government would have lived to vow less and battle, but Gülen is out there in America, quiet. He’s not using guns, he’s not using dynamite. If Fethullah Gülen could put in place foundation, all this foundation, he could have been able to use this money to buy ammunition for the foundation to fight, but he has not done that.”

“I visited a primary school. I visited a secondary, I visited a university. My first impression is that the lecturers, the teachers, are not all Muslims. You have teachers who are Christians. You don’t discriminate. And I’m surprised that in the Nigeria Turkish Nile University, Islam is not the core value that they are promoting. Rather, they want to promote life.”

“If you look at the way the charity organization, or the platform of charity of Hizmet is going, some people can be very suspicious. They want to find out, “why are they doing all this? Is it that they want to Islamize us? Gradually, without us knowing it?” You know, it’s like, what to call it, the kind of bringing a wooden horse as a gift, but there are weapons inside…I am thinking that this movement is consistent, and that is why they are going to survive.”